Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well Dressed Librarian

The world's sexiest librarian gave me a shoutout in a mag called UR Chicago & I'm over the moon.

Matthew is a librarian in Chicago, dresses impeccably and has a sharp wit. He's one of my daily reads at
We both have a weakness for the 1940's, Edward Gorey and fat cats.
This is his baby Moscow. I've nicknamed her the Silver Zeppelin.

Matthew, we would look so perfect dining at a sidewalk cafe that I fear it would make people jealous and we would love every minute of it. :)


benson said...

Matthew--I know that you're fabulous..but the cat..oh my goodness..what are you feeding,feeding,feeding her?! :) As long as she is healthy...and happy.

WDL said...

she's super perfect, and super old. she eats when she likes, and rests when she likes. i pretty much let her do what ever she wants. she's my little monkey.

and know we'd look hot!!



suzannemarques said...

benson - isn't she the biggest best cat in the world??

wdl - she's a perfect little monkey! xoxo


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