Monday, June 09, 2008

Lord of the Ring

This is the cover of my latest David Yurman catalog. I'm sure it's Father's Day driven & we don't have kids, but seriously... I'm loving these rings.

I'm a bit picky with men's jewelry. To me, it's easy to get a bit overboard and descend into tacky. I don't prefer necklaces unless they are puka shells and we are on vacation. When we return, those pukas are retiring.

Cufflinks & watches are great, but that's another post. They do center around a man's hands, which I love. A ring is great if it doesn't overwhelm the hand. I don't like prissy and prim. I like masculine and confident.

My husband is Basque & has the trademark big thick fingers. I think one of these rings might work. I tend toward the last, but you never know until you try it on in person, right?


applevenusian said...

I didn't know that about the Basques! You learn something new every day.

Anyways, those rings are great. I wonder if they could be sized down. My fingers are super skinny - I wear a 4 1/2 on the left and 4 3/4 - 5 on the right.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

What do you think of David Yurman pieces? I'm interested.

Generally I'm not into men's jewelry, but I've recently been asked to look at rings. I put away my crucifix necklace years ago. And, of course, I love my Rolexes.

suzannemarques said...

Applev - I wear 4 1/4 on my ring finger. Horry, these rings would swallow us. He makes tons of gorgeous rings for women! But if I were to pick one for myself, I want the last!

Lbt - I love david yurman jewelry. Tiffany is pretty, but so feminine. DY is tougher. I like the mix of gold & silver & chunky gemstones. My favorite piece is a citrine cocktail ring. Please look at their men's jewelry! Lord, I love a rolex. I have a rather delicate cartier, but want a big heavy rolex to wear like a bracelet on my wrist. Any recs?


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