Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maid In Tokyo

These are shots from Royal/T, the first maid café in the US. It's on Washington Blvd and debuted at Culver City's Art Weekend. (CC again!)

Maid cafés are apparently popular in Tokyo and called meido kissa. This Murakami-inspired, massive art space is 10,000 square feet, has a small café.

They serve salads and rice bowls, but I'm heading there for Royal High Tea.
Click here for the menu.

The last time I had high tea was at The Ritz London. Isn't it breathtaking?
Click here for their menus.

I love the formality there. There's a dress code in the hotel's public areas, including the tea room. (Men must wear jacket and tie.) There are few places like this in my neighborhood. There was one restaurant called L'Orangerie that reminded me of Versailles. Sadly, it's gone now.

Back to happy things. I'm obsessed with menus the way Chris Farley's female character on SNL used to read the Zagat Guide aloud. That's me! Never heard of it? Click here for the skit.


applevenusian said...

I read about this on It looks like a neat place! I haven't had high tea in ages - probably since college @ The Huntington Gardens.

suzannemarques said...

my girlfriend found it at daily candy too & told me about it :)
bunch of gals doing high tea there in a few weeks (near end of june) welcome to join us! shoot me an email if you like...

robert & i had high tea at the ritz london a few years ago - so much fun. never done it locally!

Tammy said...

Wow, what a neat place! I'm amused by the pictures of the maids...I just have to go there sometime soon.

I love formal teas, and unfortunately, there aren't enough tearooms around here. There is a cute one in Cambria that I blogged about recently; the tearoom there is actually an authentic 100+ years old Victorian house.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Great post. Very interesting. I was unaware of maid cafés. Looks like fun! I wonder, do they have nurse cafés? ;)

suzannemarques said...

tammy - i'll check it out.. how sweet!

lbt - hello nurse! yes, the nurses serve comfort food like chicken soup, mac & cheese and mashed potatoes.
they give you a cold rag for your forehead & say you'll feel much better after you've eaten something.
ok, that doesn't exist, but it sounds cool to me.

Jaime Rummerfield said...

Hi SUZ!!!
I can't wait to go to Royal T!!!

I finally started my BLOG. I have my beta blog up now, check it out!!!

Just a mock-up.


suzannemarques said...


the blogging world is about to explode. now that you're on the blog scene everyone needs to start stepping it up or moving out of the way!

you are FAB-UUUU-LOUS! already such an inspiration to me, the world is lucky to get a peek inside your lovely noggin!

let me know when you feel like it's offish.. because i HAVE to do a post on it!

Ashley L. said...

both places sound amazing! i've done high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria Canada and it was a lot of fun! :)

Ann said...

Ooh... you've reminded me of my own afternoon drinking tea at the Ritz! FAB-U-LOUS! And next time you're in London, tea at The Savoy isn't too shabby, either! :-)


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