Friday, June 13, 2008


I was really hoping to hear Beck sing Timebomb tonight, but I will never know if he was planning to. Beck cancelled his concert because he is sick.

All work and no play, makes me a dull girl. Ok, it wasn't a ton of work, I just beat out all of the other contenders to get tickets and all I get is a measly refund. :(
I don't go to many concerts & I was really excited about this one!
At least we were able to make other plans tonight. Plus I changed into a more fun outfit. There's me looking completely melancholy. I was for a minute. I swear.


Gabriela said...

Oh! It is so bad when a concert gets cancelled, but I'm sure plan B was also great. That is a nice photo, you look like a ballet on stage!

Pete said...

You? Melancholy? I refuse to believe that! ;)

As always, nicely put together, simple yet elegant.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne,

here's some lyrics to give you a little more insight into Beck's cuurent condition, it was lifted from one of his little ditties, I'm sure you know it - sing along if you do!

Now I'm a seasick sailor
On a ship of noise
I got my maps all backwards
And my instincts poisoned
In a truth blown gutter
Full of wasted years
Like blown-out speakers
Ringin' in my ears

Oh it's nausea, oh nausea
And we're gone
It's nausea, oh nausea
And we're gone...

Beck will play again... and I;m sure you'll be there!

cheers, Rob

Gabriela said...

Ups! I forgot to write the word 'dancer' after 'ballet'. Sorry!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Splendid pose, Ms. Hepburn.

brooke said...

I love the dark wood plank floors and the tiffany colored walls...that's my dream house design combo!! Good choice. Love the dress too.

applevenusian said...

bummer! i should have invited you to my two-year old's party. it was ragin'. i am still hung over. :D

suzannemarques said...

that's my kind of children's party! yeah! i wanna see ya at the house tour if you can come!

Todd said...

I understand your pain, Beck rocks. Glad to hear you bounced back from the disappointment and made other fun plans. I want to ask, where did you get that awesome gold key sconce on your wall - I have been looking for one like it or a pair. Would you divulge? Thanks!

applevenusian said...

Azzy, I think I am more likely to make it to your Royal T outing... if I can crash it, that is! Got another kid bender to attend on Saturday. :D

suzannemarques said...

gabriela & lbt - thank you... super flattered! it's those ballet flats! :)

pete - you are right.. i don't stay melancholy for long :)

brooke & todd - woodson and rummerfield house of design! they designed my home but also sell one of a kind pieces online!

applev - email me your address! i would love for you to come! my email is

jeffrey said...

Suzanne, you are simply stunning! Your dad sounds cool to. I too had a '60 Buick (in 1986) and loved it.

amber said...

Love this image (and your house is kind of amazing, too!). I wish to someday go bold with color like this, it all comes together really well!


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