Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eye Candy 4 the Ladies

Teenage boys had posters of Cindy Crawford & Cheryl Tiegs plastered to their walls.
I had Antonio Sabato Jr. and his Calvin Klein magazine ads.

Today, I met the man and I just about died right then and there. Plus, he's nice! Bonus.
This post is a shamless brag because ladies, can ya blame me?

He's on a new show called Celebrity Circus and he rarely has his shirt on, which is a wonderful thing.

Wee Man is big time fun and I think he's the only contestant taking on the Wheel of Death. Shocker, right Jackass fans?

9:30 tonight (Wednesday) on NBC.


coco+kelley said...

omg. i had my walls PLASTERED with those ads! super jealous :)

benson said...

were you calm,cool,collected or did you just die inside during the interview?

suzannemarques said...

coco+kelly - love it! i knew lots of us did!!!!

benson - of course I was dying. I told him I have been in love with you since I was a little girl.
Then the anchors teased me for treating him like he's old, but I tell ya, I felt like a little schoolgirl around his handsome face and ripped body. yeow!
oh here it is.. caught on tape!

benson said...

that was fun--loved it when Antonio was chillin behind Rachel and you :)topless.

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh!
Yeah, Antonio had this "hot factor," and still does!

I wasn't allowed to have posters of "grown men" up because my dad was creeped out by it. LOLOL. So I had posters of, like, Taylor Hanson. :-P

WDL said...

um, thats some eye candy for some of us guys too. *giggle*

suzannemarques said...

Wdl! Shame on me! Of course! And he's so much like my matthew... Tall, dark (ok a bit) & above all handsome!

applevenusian said...


I have an issue of GQ at my desk that has a feature on my favorite ooh-baby, Christian Bale. I still can't get up the nerve to ask my boss if I can put up the pictures of him. :D

suzannemarques said...

tammy - hehe. mmm bop, a doo bop ah do bop! :)

applev - holy moly. he is GORGE! you'd be doing a public service for the office. who needs coffee when looking at that tall drink of water?!

Gabriela said...

I'm the absent-minded european one who's never seen this Antonio before. He's certainly a WOW man. I'm glad he's nice too, that is crucial.

CK always gets the best for their ads. It must have been so exciting for you to meet him!

Did someone said old? He doesn't look old to me at all, I've seen that linked video, he's amazing! He can't be more than... 35?

Wee man is fun, this post's lower pics looks like an american version of a Fellini movie.

And, last but not least, what a pretty dress you're wearing!

Alya said...

I loved Antonio Sabato Jr too!! Remember that show he was on (that didnt last long because I cant even remember its name)

Anyway, he's HOT.


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