Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Eureka. I've Found It.

The theme for my next bash.
I have decided it will happen in August.
Hot Miami Nights.

My inspiration. Crockett & Tubbs:

Sonny Crockett - The secret to success, whether it's women or money, is knowing when to quit. I oughta know. I'm divorced and broke.

Detective Ricardo Tubbs - That's TUBBS. Tough, Unique, Bad, Bodacious, Sassy.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

That's awesome! Please, do not yank on my ,repp, when I tell you this will be a wonderful, gathering. Well done.

suzannemarques said...

gasp! i wouldn't dare yank on your repp, unless it was during the party, which would make it perfectly appropriate, no? :)

applevenusian said...

You'd be yanking on it... because it does not go with the theme.

Off topic... I saw you on the news this AM! I told my son, "I read her blog!" and he said, "What's a blob?" Okay, so he's only 4, but I had to tell someone. :)

suzannemarques said...

Applev - Would he go there? He does like wearing shoes without socks, but I want the white/pastel suit & tie with the arms pushed up too. I think he might.

suzannemarques said...

So cool u saw me btw! I love all of the locals on here!

applevenusian said...

Maybe if we could find a pastel repp tie!

LBT, I think you are a little comma happy, que no?

coco+kelley said...

oh YES. YES YES YES. great theme darling, it will be a smashing bash!!! i can't wait to see you again! we need hangout time... :)


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