Saturday, December 15, 2007

Autumn de Wilde

My husband - as usual - told me about photographer Autumn de Wilde. She lives in Silver Lake and photographs indie artists including one of my absolute faves - Jenny Lewis.

If I had the means, I'd buy the one below with Jenny & the little girl. So girly, I can already imagine it in my upstairs hallway leading to the bedrooms.

I love this ice cream one with the Watson Twins.

How cute are her little shorts? I'm rocking out to one of their songs - Breakin Up - it's so dancey I didn't realize it's a anthem about being dumped. It's so good, it kind of makes being dumped sound like fun! Click here to watch a live performance on MTVu.

Ooh. Ah! Feels good to be free! Ooh. Ah! Feels good to be free!

I wish this song was around when I got dumped & only had Alanis Morrisette to turn to. Perhaps I wouldn't have been so bitter?


skoobsub said...

How funny, I happen to be listening to Rilo Kiley myself. I'm always dancing to them when I get ready in the morning. Great photos! I'll have to look her up.

coco+kelley said...

ah! there is some weird cosmic thing going on here because as i am reading this i'm listening to the same song...

oh! it feels good to be free...!

suzannemarques said...

i love that you gals love RK too! :)


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