Monday, December 10, 2007

All Shades of Green

Sure, I recycle & buy vintage, but I'm not normally into eco-chic. However, a great new store that just opened in Los Feliz two months ago is bringing me over to the green side.

It's called All Shades of Green. They have a website at, but it's really best if you go in. They just opened 2 months ago. The ladies who work there are ridiculously sweet & helpful. Natalie runs the joint.

I fell in love with these recycled items.... the trash can is a serious contender on my wishlist & the ornaments are a close second. I'm definitely going back to buy a few.

The story behind these treats is the best part. The items are made of recycled gum and candy wrappers. A tiny village - I can't remember where - had a bit of a littering problem. Apparently lots of the locals have a sweet tooth, so they started recycling and making these cool crafts. I love them & the story behind them.

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