Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Left My Tastebuds in NY

So few days in NY, so many restaurants!
Thank you to Ann at Redacted Recipes. She's a New Yorker and expert foodie. She's spot on!
She directed me to Eleven Madison Park - You don't find many restaurants like this in LA. It's like L' Orangerie and Patina - restaurants that are now history in El Lay. Here was my first course...

The beet salad. Aren't the cubes cute? They were just as delicious.

Our dinners - beef with lobster top left, chicken top right with foam (couldn't help but think of Marcel on Top Chef) and the bottom rectangular brick is my suckling pig.
The little dollop to the left is plum I believe? It was sweet & cut the flavor of the pig perfectly.

The desserts were my favorite. (the beets were a close second.) The top right is a pineapple souffle with green tea ice cream... a pear dessert is in front of me, and a chocolate treat to the top left. Order the pineapple dessert!

Below is a photo of Bar 89 in SoHo. We stumbled across it when our feet were tired & we needed a pick me up. Their martinis come in the largest glasses! They have bathrooms that are see-through until you lock the door. Imagine when people forget to lock!

We also tried...
Lure: We flew in late our first night, jetlagged and without reservations. We asked our concierge (at 60 Thompson) for a nearby recommendation and he steered us to Lure. It is across from the Mercer Hotel & the food was good. The most memorable part was stepping down into the restaurant and you're in a ship.
Balthazar: Still my fave restaurant in the world. So French, elegant yet casual. Love it! We had lunch - the pineapple upside down cake was more like a tart & was simply the best I've ever tasted.
We took pics at a few other places.. I'll post those soon!

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redactedrecipes said...

So glad you got to try EMP...! And that you also experiened the below-ground ship-- it's a bit odd, but fun , and the fish is great. Sounds like you had a great trip. Happy New Year!



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