Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shadow Box Ornaments

I just bought the top ornaments (vintage repros from Kurt S. Adler) to go with my other authentic vintage shadow box ornaments. You can see the little white flower in the blue prism-like case. He's one of many my friend.
I'm obsessed with these ornaments. I think it began as a child. I always admired miniatures & loved to gaze at the detail on a tiny nativity ornament that hung on our family tree.
Now I'm eyeing these below on ebay... Click on the pic below to try and outbid me.
Just you try.


Ann said...

I love these old-fashioned ornaments.

Hey, how was your visit to NYC?

Ann at Redacted Recipes

Style Court said...

I like vintage ornaments too and especially love to see how different people decorate. Thanks for sharing!


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