Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Can Do It: Fab Hair & Makeup

Question I always get: Who does your hair & makeup?

Answer: When I'm in studio, I get my hair & makeup done. When I'm in the field, I do it myself... and I'm usually in the field!

I love going to the makeup counter at MAC & getting my makeup done. Even better? Going to the salon for full hair and makeup. (Btw, Shannon at Jose Eber does my cuts!)

I've been dying to learn how to do different looks myself for some time and just found my teacher! Miss Chievous has fantastic tutorials on youtube.

From the the author: I am honestly not one who spends a huge amount of time fixing elaborate hairstyles, I much prefer simple and effortless looks that remain stylish but don't require a lot of patience. I also don't have many hair tools to my disposal, so I make do with a crappy hair dryer and a crappy iron for now.


If you do any of the looks, please post photos for me!

1 comment:

CHAVO said...

Jane Yamamoto always does a nice job on changing up her hair styles.


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