Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Boys Club

These images are from the book Take Ivy, which is out of print & sells for outrageous bucks on ebay. The shots are from the sixties, when Japanese photographer T. Hashiyada traveled to America to photograph the fashion of ivy league schools.
I believe my obsession with trad/prep style started last winter when I heard Vampire Weekend's music. The boys with their adorable prep looks just about killed me.

A bit of googling turned up endless blogs teaching me more than I ever knew about men's fashion. The authors have impeccable taste, like the classic idea of buying the best you can afford and then wearing it into the ground proudly.

Square-toed shoes will get you kicked out of the club. Below is a do.
Two blogs mentioned recently in the New York Times are A Continuous Lean & The Trad. I have a soft spot for Tin Tin, because I remember when he first started blogging. He's always been an incredible storyteller, but when I returned today - a year later - his photojournalism blew me away. Top-notch.
Here are some snapshots from their blogs.

The tie above is from J. Press, a company that sells classic American clothing and made to measure suits. The kind of stuff you wear into the ground.
While most of em seem to be East Coasters, there are a few old boys here in the Southland. Check out Laguna Beach Trad. You'll see it's not just about fashion, but a way of life.


Tammy said...

What's cool about this style is, as you can see from Take Ivy, it never goes out of style. A person can wear the same clothes shown in the book today, and would not look ridiculous. That's what timeless fashion is! Great post.

Lucinda said...

What a great post! I'll have to keep an eye out for that book.

CHAVO said...

I've still got some wing-tip shoes in my closet that are older Suzanne!


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