Monday, July 20, 2009

Winston = Happiness

I've been following Winston's life for a while. He eats bananas & mashed potatoes & sneezes in bunches. He doesn't follow laser lights or bat much at toys. He's adorably odd. His daddy blogs for VH1 and talks about Winston at fourfour.

Winston as rice krispy treat.

Winston has a hamburger head! Put some ketchup & mustard on him and I'll eat him up.

Winston as E.T.
Winston as a baby. Aww.

And the finale... Winston chirping!


Slick Rick said... fav E.T.

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

WandR HOME said...

Have you seen "Winston Hisses"? It is like Simba with Buddy!!! Too cute. I love our favorite furry four legged friends! xoxox

Alya said...

I want to eat him up! Do you know what breed he is?

Lucinda said...

I have a feeling Winston knows the meaning of life too.


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