Thursday, July 02, 2009

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

Curious about serious MJ fans and what they leave at the Jackson family compound? Since news crews are corralled behind gates across the street, I took some closeup snaps.

This poster is all glitter. So MJ.I'm a sucker for hot pink & blue.

Love that the roses are almost as tall as the girl carrying them :)

Wowza, no?That took some time & planning.

The frustration just jumps out at you.

Rest in peace.
The view from the memorial to our live truck.
What I look at everyday.
How I chill when I'm not on-air. Love to put my feet up & sport flip-flops because stilettos HURT!


Anonymous said...

Very cute feet!!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' your outfits these days, Suzanne - especially today at Staples Center! Notice we got a lot of nice full-length shots of you, too! :)


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