Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chanel: Bringing Sequins Back

Don't you love when you think a style is officially retired, then a designer brings it back fresh & new? Karl Lagerfeld is working lace, sequins & beads for Chanel's autumn/winter collection and it is breathtaking.

The other day, my girlfriends and I were cringing while talking about our head-to-toe sequin & beaded gowns from high school. Then I saw these... Sigh.

Love the use of panels, which are optional on these couture creations, but how could you not?
Channeling Aphrodite.These two make me think of midnight & starry skies.

Sequins! I just bought a pair of fingerless lace gloves the other day (at Aldo) because I thought they'd be perfect for a dress-up night. Then I saw these lace gloves and stockings...

80's & 90's with bunches & strings of beads hanging from a strong-shouldered suit.

Like a virgin...
Here's where it gets romantic with a touch of the 20's.

I want it to be autumn right now just so I can sport some lace tights!

Photos from Marie Claire.

A woman should be two things. Classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel


Alya said...

I'd like the second and third dress..

With a side order of the hottie in the white suit.

By the way, I've got an awesome pair of Current/Elliott jeans to give away at my blog! Come check them out :)

Tammy said...

Lily Allen wears a sequined Chanel gown in her new music video, "22," along with Chanel's "Vamp" lipstick. She looks awesome.


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