Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Free Your Mind

I haven't thought of Free People clothing for a while, because I remember the brand being a bit crunchy/granola. That is, until I saw the scarf below on

It might have a touch of hippie, but it's a little bit rock & roll. A little exploring uncovered some gems.

Speed Racer Gloves $48

The preppy tangerine color gives a twist to a tough accessory.

I have a pencil skirt like this that needs this loose blouse for summer. Can't see the shirt for sale on the site even though they featured it! Grrr.

Chain Necklace Tunic $98

Found this one though & another one.

Cape May Tee $58

Adore the front. What do you think about the back? I can't make up my mind.

Silver Distressed Chucks $148

Forget silver cuffs. Give me silver chucks!

Studded Stripe Blazer $138

This jacket with brass buttons looks dressy from afar, but a closer look reveals it's more like a sweater. Much more comfy. You could pair it with so many things.

Shake It Fringe Dress $138

I fancy fringe.
Rhythm Crystal Necklace $38

Scoop neck t-shirts just cry out for necklaces like this.

Kona Ruffle Dress $68

Not so sure about this look. Unfinished or just a bit avant garde?

Looks found at:


Jennifer Ramos said...

I really like the shirt, and the fact that it's open in the back.

suzannemarques said...

that's because you're fabulous jen! giving me the extra push. i have a tendency toward the conservative/boring at times xoxo

Anonymous said...

Be sure and wear that Cape May Tee backwards on-air and freak out Steve. HaHaHa


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