Monday, March 09, 2009

Walker's Wonderful World

I'm a more is better kind of gal.
Too much of a good thing can be wonderful - thank you Mae West.
British fashion photographer Tim Walker is definitely my kind of artist.

My gals and I are thinking of having a slumber party. Wouldn't it be marvelous in a cavernous library with tents and lights?

I don't have a green thumb so there aren't many plants in my home. However, I do love buying flowers and my backyard is a wild mess of green.

The princess and the pea is one of my favorite childhood stories. Was there a prince involved? I just wanted to be a fussy princess who could still feel the pea through the wonderful stacks of fluffy mattresses and featherbeds. Forget pillow fights. I'm happiest kicking under the covers.

Romeo, you must try a bit harder. Rapunzel doesn't want to risk her beautiful locks just to let you up.
Best party lights ever.


Alya said...

Wow! It's a surreal world, yet sooo dreamy. I love the camping in a library idea. It has a 'camping for nerds' sort of feel. One that I'm all for!

Jack Daniel said...

wow, your blog is great. I found you through thesartorialist. :)

suzannemarques said...

thank you Alya! I wish I had a library... sigh. Plus, I've completely embraced my nerdy side :)

Thanks Jack Daniel! I'm so addicted to Sart.

Ashley L. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Especially the over grown ferns!

Katrina Lynn said...

Tim Walker is my latest obsession. I recently bought his book. In fact I have a picture of it on my blog right now!!! ;) I want to live in his world or at least have him be my personal party planner.... You picked out some of MY favorite images too!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, I'm also such a huge fan. In fact, I think I posted that library campsite pic two days ago. So gorgeous!

christina said...

i can't wait for our slumber party... what beautiful pictures. i want a tree of hanging dresses. and a library!!


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