Monday, March 30, 2009


Hanging out in a cabana at Encore.
Gals in little dresses.
Including moi.

XS lives up to its name. Too much is indeed never enough.
It's new fave dance club in LV.
I dig the Pussycat Dolls Casino.
I still call myself a feminist.

Loungers on the water.
Lovers on the red carpet.

Sunglasses inside the poker tournament.
Not because we were playing. No makeup.
With the pros in the poker room, video poker for us.

Love letters from Michelle's bartender.
He was jealous he got replaced.
We have history! No love! I just don't understand!

Is it a sin to paint a Rolls Royce flat black?


Richard said...

You look smokin as always Suzi, but the Rolls...........It is disgraceful! Why would someone do this?

suzannemarques said...

Aw, thanks Richard!

When I was growing up, people spraypainted cheap cars flat black because it was... well, cheap! :)


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