Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Shoot Me

I may be in LA, but my brother Matt lives in NY.

If you're in NYC, he's putting on an opera this weekend. Go see it!

It's called Matt Marks' The Little Death Vol. 1.

The opera blends the avant-garde, Christian pop, and breakbeats into a show that will leave you singing his twisted pop creations in your head for days.

The nuts and bolts? Boy meets girl. Boy shoots girl. Girl sings through her pain. It's a story of two teenagers and their journey through the world of Fundamentalist Evangelism, and their attempts to keep their relationship pure in the eyes of the Lord.
He references (He Touched Me, When God Dips His Love in My Heart) and created original songs (God is My Hero, Come Boy). Go check it out!
Performances are:
This Friday and Saturday!
March 20th and 21st @ 9:30PM
The NEW Tank
354 West 45th Street
Tix are $10
Photo credit New York Times.
Matt also performs with Alarm Will Sound. He's playing the French Horn above, but he plays many instruments with the group. The first time I saw him sing live was with AWS at Carnegie Hall. So proud of my Mateo!

Here he is on the left working with toys.

Since I love to know artists' inspiration and since I grew up with Matt, I'll give you my humble opinion or at least a bit of our history. We were born two years apart, slept in bunkbeds together for years even though I had my own room. I remember when he jumped off the top bunk, hit a wooden chest and his bottom teeth went through his lip. I will never forget both of us tucked in, me believing Gremlins were peeking into our doorway to get us. He talked me through those moments. Such a good brother.

Our mother is Baptist and from the South. She says she is not Southern Baptist. :) My sweet mom sang us to sleep with classic gospel hymns and we'd gather in a tiny church called Shiloh as kids to sing hymns with our extended family. Two... maybe three of her brothers were Baptist preachers. I can't remember, because mom was the last of 12 kids. Seriously.

I'm sure Vacation Bible School plays into this opera too...

Visit his blog here!


Jae said...

Great story about you & your brother. My kids are very close and love each other to death. But unlike you and your brother, there is a 12 year gap between them.

Kate said...

Have you seen Matt and me do our "renditions" of the bible camp song "the animals, they came on, they came on by twosies twosies...."? Our east coast friends are more than sick of it, but perhaps we'll subject you to it next time you're in town. :) (I accidentally went to bible summer camp too)

suzannemarques said...

Jae - I do have another brother who is 11 years older than me & it is different when you grow up close in age, but thank God I had a much older brother to school me on the ways of the world!

Kate - NO! I would love to hear it!!! I need to come see all of you soon. I'm craving some karaoke with you guys!

I remember this song...

Let's go to Vacation Bible School!
Let's go to Vacation Bible School!

Come along we need you
Bring along your friends too...

That's all I remember.

christina said...

i can't believe how far your brother has come with his music.. i am so proud of him!

suzannemarques said...

Costa - Isn't it the coolest? :)))

Jack Daniel said...

good to hear that you have a good relationship with your brother. Most of the time bro's and sisters really can't stand each other. I used to fight with my sister a-l-l t-h-e t-i-m-e. I now have a lot more respect for my parents...haha.

Now I can't live without my sister.


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