Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feast For the Senses

Yesterday I blogged about Nate Frizzell. Here we are talking in front of his painting. Doesn't he look absolutely riveted by my stimulating conversation? Giggle. He's a sweetheart.

I daresay, the food was as exciting as the art. Crustacean catered the event and among the many delights were the restaurant's signature garlic noodles in mini takeout containers. I have countless memories from this fab BH restaurant. Dinners when I was barely 21, standing nervously on the glass covering the koi pond. Red carpets. When I was signed onto Good Day LA a year ago, my agent took me to Crustacean for lunch. Maybe it's silly of me, but it was one of those moments and lunches in life I will never forget.

Here's a guy passing by the $2,300 kitty with mice on her back having a tea party. I love the lanterns hanging from her tail. Here's me right before grabbing a chicken satay...

A very delicious and healthy roll next to a closeup of my perfect garlic noodles.

My mother used to paint watercolors. I would've snapped up the scene on the left if I had my pick. It's by Laura Ball. Her work is festive and fun and takes my breath away. I did a silent celebration when I spied the painting on the right, because I recently blogged about Jack Long. His work is as vibrant in person as I had imagined!


Girl in Sweden said...

Mmm now I'm craving for some delicious food.

suzannemarques said...

I'm always hungry! :)

Annie Empiric said...

We were supposed to be at that special opening but had a scheduling conflict. bummer! I'm sure I would have recognized you in a sec.

ps Weren't their beautiful letterpress invites so special? A nice departure from the traditional gallery postcard.

suzannemarques said...

that would've been awesome to see you annie!!!

indeed. they were gorgeous!

zombie said...

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