Thursday, March 05, 2009

Eleanor Hardwick

Eleanor Hardwick is only 15 and such a talent. She lives in Oxford and took the photo below at a Bat For Lashes concert.

Natasha Khan is totally channeling 1960's Grace Slick in this photo. I adore!

Go ask Alice...

This is what I feel like when I watch reality television. Tethered.
Ooh the series below is called The Home Project and it reminds me of the mosquito netting I put up around my bed when I was a teenager. It felt romantic and comforting.

The lovely Miss Hardwick.

A link to her extensive flickr stream. Hold your breath before the jump.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Bat for Lashes photo... so moody, so cool!

Jack Daniel said...

she sure takes very beautiful pictures.

suzannemarques said...

Bat for Lashes' music is incredible too.
I still can't believe she's 15.

applevenusian said...

Bat for Lashes is playing @ the El Rey in June!!! :)


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