Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mission To Mars

Put your hands up!
N.A.S.A. in their spacesuits.Bryce groovin.
A sexy green Martian.
Scared of the alien encounters.This weekend we saw N.A.S.A. perform at the legendary Casbah in San Diego. NASA stands for North America South America after DJs Sam "Squeak E. Clean" Spiegel (his brother is director Spike Jonze) and Ze “DJ Zegon” Gonzales.
The roster of people who have recorded for them is incredible. Kanye West, David Byrne, Tom Waits, George Clinton, Ghostface Killah, ODB, Santigold and M.I.A. to name a few.
Since they're DJs, the mixes can get a bit nuts, but my favorite recording features Karen O of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. It's called Strange Enough. Just so happens she dated Spike Jonze and he directed at least one of her band's videos.

The Casbah goes on & on. On our way out!
BTW, N.A.S.A. features Shepard Fairey's artwork in one of their videos.


Richard said...

Look at you girl !!! :)

christina said...

sorry... how amazing has 2009 been so far? and its only march... time to line up the next show!

Anonymous said...

NASA is out of this world!


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