Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let Us Eat Cake

Last night we celebrated my friend Chris Carter's birthday at Origami. Chris is a personal trainer who runs Body Fit LA and works with celebs from shows like Medium, Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Trust Me, The Closer. He also has private clients and helped Robert tone up!

Here's birthday boy opening his card. It is one of those (very tasteful) musical cards. I don't have a close up, so I'll act it out for you.
A Long Time Ago...
(as you open it... the Star Wars Theme plays)
You were born.
Check out the birthday candle. Yep, that's a tealight sitting between the chocolate cake and ice cream.

Ever the giver, Chris thanked us for his gifts with a birthday dance. ;)

He had everyone dancing. Yeah!

It wasn't even my birthday and I got a surprise! We ran into a friend from high school - Gina Stewart. I swear, if you grow up in Downey there's a magnet inside each of us that inexplicably draws us to one another.

Here's to another great year!


Anonymous said...

awww, how sweet! I love it! and that is soo true about the Downey magnet! whether we like it or not!!!! love ya!
Gina Stewart!

Anonymous said...

So true about that Downey magnet! Anyytime I am in that area to visit my parents, I end up running into people from Downey HS. Anyway, I thought you looked familiar when I saw you reporting on the news. I also graduated from DHS (but in 93). Glad to see you are doing well. Did your husband Ray go to Downey HS as well? I think he may have graduated the same year I did... Well, continued success to you!


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