Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bewitching Holiday Windows

This is the time of year I wish I lived in New York. Last year, I stood in the pouring rain to take pictures of Bergdorf Goodman's holiday window display.
This year's theme is The Seasons On Scene.

Oh my, the detail of the dress.

I'm reminded of a Sofia Coppola scene - but whitewashed.
I know it's chic to do everything in white, but can I admit I wouldn't stand in the rain for these photos?
Last year I was breathless admiring the Tony Duquette-inspired display based on the earth's elements.

Is the recession making displays more dour? Give me color, even if it isn't expensive! Tony was masterful at taking cheap materials and whipping them into opulence.

The photos are borrowed from: Habitually Chic & Paris Breakfasts.


Alya said...

I prefer last year's ones too.. Not everything white is guaranteed to look good. I think it looks sort of bland..

Ashley L. said...

The white themed photos are just too beautiful! I LOVE them! I love window shopping during the holidays! :)

Project Ecoart said...

Amazing windows...I wish I had it together to do that this year to my store windows :)


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