Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fa La La Fiesta

Feliz Navidad card from Made By Girl and Fa La La card by Feterie
It's settled. While I adore the fun titles we came up with, I simply can't bring myself to host a recession-themed party. It's a bit too literal, down in the dumps. I'm going to have a feel good Fa La La Fiesta.

My menu will have to include tamales because they are good luck this time of year. I'm thinking empanadas, taquitos and who doesn't like those mini-burgers - so what if they aren't true to the theme? Margaritas and ice-cold Coronas.... I'm just getting started and welcome ideas!

The trigger was pulled when I bought Christmas lights today. I couldn't resist the red, white & green.
Here's my tip on hanging Christmas lights. Hang them down the side of your house and it's a snap. Trust me. I used to be the one - despite having brothers and a dad - who hung Christmas lights alone at my parents' house standing alone on a ladder with my trusty staple gun in hand. My work would've made Hansel & Gretel proud.
Robert asked if he could adjust his jeans before I took the photo and I couldn't resist the action shot. He did all the work (like that was a question).I took in the scenery (traffic) but when I looked up the view was breathtaking.

A terrible example - but here it is anyway - of our lights at night.


el viajero impresionista said...

Have a great Feliz Navidad, Suzanne!!!
Merry Christmas to all of you.

applevenusian said...

That's a great idea for lights! The party sounds awesome, too. I'm all for Dia de los Muertos!

little miss sunshine said...

MOJITOS... im just sayin.


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