Friday, December 19, 2008

Feel Good Friday

These photos make me smile and maybe they'll brighten your day too.

The above photo was taken at The Beverly Hilton at sunrise the morning of the Golden Globes nominations. The hotel that holds so many memories it makes me smile on top of the beautiful sky. I remember taking a deep breath before taking this photo. I can use it right now. Can't you? Don't the holidays have you just the slightest bit frazzled?

I finally mailed out holiday cards (they're Happy New Year just to be safe), started buying Christmas presents (not done) and planning a mini-soiree (ah, finding out everyone's email address. That should be fun). All of this while avoiding two accidents this afternoon because - after all - I am the best driver on the road.

I had some delicious dish with my bestie Caroline, topped off with dessert. That's a pear & gingerbread confection at my local haunt Taste. Great food & conversation. Is there anything better in life?

One of my favorite surprises is watching tv and spying Simba (Simby, picklepuss, aerobics instructor, kitten) peeking from the side so I'm watching her instead.

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