Friday, December 05, 2008

Mod Madness

The Kinks. My band crush.

Catherine Deneuve.

Edie Sedgwick with the greatest artist & publicity whore ever.

When I grow up I want to be Anne Bancroft (or Gloria Steinem). I shall have big gold streaks in my shoulder-length hair and be fabulous.

Brigette Bardot is my inspiration. Big hair, big everything! And Audrey of course.

Dear readers, even I am sick of the cutesy holiday stuff on my page. I apologize profusely.

This latest post is inspired by fellow blogger Laguna Beach Trad, who runs the most highbrow blog I'm aware of (which coming from me, isn't saying much I know).

His posts always help me detox from my Forever 21/knockoff addiction because the man truly has taste and style - two things I flirt with once in a great while.

Anyhoo, he has a great video series posted on his site about Mod style and other things, (by other things, it means I only had the patience to watch a couple).
Below is a magazine shot by the late great Slim Aarons. All of my pics are from candace wright's photostream on flickr.

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el viajero impresionista said...

You´re right. Truly inspiration from Admiral Cod


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