Monday, May 04, 2009

Slappin the Bass

If you haven't seen I Love You, Man, the title does not make sense. Go watch it already.

I'm one of those folks a bit leery when musicians paint/actors create bands/musicians become actors. Sometimes it works.

I'm the loser who just learned Pete Wentz is the bass player of Fall Out Boy. Why did I assume he was the lead singer? The other artist is Travis McCoy, the frontman of the Gym Class Heroes. They collaborated to create the cluster of paintings you see below. They also show at Gallery:1988.

I am a sucker for animals, so I couldn't resist petting the hot pink bulldog guarding the paintings. Check out my duds. I bought my minidress for five clams at the Depeche Mode concert. It was sold as a t-shirt, but with tights I think it worked as a dress...?

The piece below stopped me in my tracks:

I spied it hanging in the cavernous room below.

No matter who I asked, no one knew the artist's identity. Hello! (I love all of the art in this room, btw) I showed these photos to my friend and fellow art aficionado Christina Costa of Visual Noise, who pointed out it was hanging in Carrie Bradshaw's apartment on Sex & The City.

A little investigating revealed it's a wall hanging by Paul Smith. I swear I just did post about him...


Anonymous said...

You're hair looks BEAUTIFUL in that bulldog shot (lucky dog!!)... what's you're secret Suz?

suzannemarques said...

How sweet you are! I got a haircut & blowout that day by Shannon at Jose Eber :)

Katrina Lynn said...

I don't remember if Carrie's apt. had a rug or a print hanging.... either way.... you can get the rug from The Rug Company. I too have been salivating over it since the movie! ;) cheers.

Katrina Lynn said...

oh yeah... if I had been smart and clicked just a few clicks further, I would've seen that you already had TRC link....what can I say? I am an overly excited commenter.


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