Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Holding Out 4 a Hero

And I found one!
I rarely ask celebs for photos because I feel silly. I'm already interviewing them on camera and they're usually busy, being pulled in a million directions, so it's another distraction for them. For me, the top priority is getting my interview.

Not to say I never ask... I posed for a pic with Antonio Sabato Jr because I used to have his Calvin Klein ads plastered on my walls. When it came to George Lopez I was shy because I love him along with my entire family! We've all been to his shows - my parents more than once. We are always quoting his standup when we get together and it sends us into fits of laughter because we can relate.

In person, George Lopez was sweet, smart and a bit reserved. Once the camera was on, so was he. He was a riot.

(BTW, his wife Ann - who donated a kidney to him to save his life - was gregarious, friendly and wonderful! Love her!)

I post this on a windy Wednesday night, as I watch the Jesusita fire burn in Santa Barbara. I've been up since 1:30am and believe this may be my last post of the week, just because I'm so tired.

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Alya said...

I love George Lopez! So glad to hear he's not a diva off camera.


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