Tuesday, May 26, 2009

La Isla Bonita

Kapalua Bay near our hotel. Post-snorkeling nap.

View from the lobby of Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua.

Hanging out in my fave hideaway.

A private cabana! Yeah!

The view from my girly cave. (Thx Rainn Wilson.)

Our tax dollars hard at work.

Breakfast on our balcony. Creeping cardinal behind Robert.

Give them an inch, they take the entire table.

The scorpion & planter's punch at Mama's Fish House might be the best tiki drinks in Maui.

The coolest menu ever! It displays the name of the fishermen (and women) & where they caught the fish.

I forget what we ordered. Too many tiki drinks.
This parrot guards the entry of Mama's. Almost bit his nose.
The town of Paia is similar to Venice. Where else can you buy a dress covered with Bob Marley's face? Yeah!
On our hike, smiling because I'm moisturizing my cuticles with the Kukui nut. Hike? Not so fun.

Twin Falls.

Baldwin Beach near Paia.

Aloha Maui. Sniff.


Mafoo said...

Oh my lord I am sooo jealous. NYC was in the 50s today, oy.

Anonymous said...

I want to be Robert when I grow up!!

suzannemarques said...

Mateo - mom & I are coming to NYC in a few weeks! Hooray! (So turn up the thermostat, will ya?)

Anon - you are too sweet!

Lucinda said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I will be awaiting your prom picture!

Alya said...

Ooooh everything looks so lovely! Lucky you.. I'm glad you had fun :)


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