Monday, May 25, 2009

Forever in the Twilight

According to, "Forever in the Twilight" is the hottest theme for 2009.

I have found have the title of my next party.

I am hosting a prom, beginning with a little photo area in my entry with midnight backdrop of moon & stars. I think I'm gonna rock a strapless Tadashi dress from the 80's my mom gave me.

But style is timeless...

It started with Awkward Family Photos, but prom photos? Jackpot!

I discovered this gem of a photo on the supremely stylish blog Chateau de Lu. She's hosting a blogger prom this Friday, May 29th. Send her your prom photos at or just check out the gallery that day. I already ordered my wrist corsage for the occasion, because everyone knows the pinned-on type tears your dress.


christina said...

I CANT WAIT (yes the caps were necessary!) We have to somehow rock the white limo....

Lisa said...

The white limo could be a photo area... just parked outside or somethin'. :) V. cool idea for a par-tay though!

Lizet said...

if I threw a party like that, i don't think any of my friends would attend.

I just want another reason to wear my prom dress. I haven't worn it in 9 years

suzannemarques said...

Lizet - when i first started throwing parties i always envisioned them more glam than the outcome. i planned every detail and in the end, the planning planning was more fun because sometimes my guests just weren't into it like i was.

years later, my dreams have come true! my guests match and surpass the event. it's true that you can have the most amazing party, but awesome guests are the most essential ingredient!

Lizet said...

I love planning events. Weddings, trips, dinner parties. One day I'll get to do one that will really happen.


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