Saturday, May 16, 2009

Designer Delights

This is a fashion/interior design post, so let's kick this off with a Jaime montage. (For my tweethearts, she's @jrummerfield)

Isn't she the perky picture of perfection? Look at buzzkill on the right. Can you tell these were taken late at night? I'm about to fall asleep into my hand. The perils of waking up at 2:30 in the morning...

Let's rewind to the highlights!

I met two powerhouses of the design world!

Catherine Malandrino, French fashion designer & guest judge on Project Runway. She is so glamorous it hurts. Her long black hair, her elegant presence, that hot pink plunging neckline of her own creation. Sigh.

All interior design fans know exactly who I'm posing with above. Margaret Russell, Editor In Chief of Elle Decor - my favorite design magazine. She was also a judge on Top Design with Kelly Wearstler. When I introduced myself to Margaret, she asked me if I was a designer. When I told her I'm with the media... she began to dish. Love her.

I told Margaret how much I love Top Design and she told me they are not renewing the show because it's so expensive to produce. Apparently you can spend a few dollars on fabric and make gorgeous clothes on Project Runway, but Top Design requires a lot more scratch. (She didn't actually say "scratch." Wouldn't that have been awesome?)
Wonder what they were talking about. Hatching more reality tv plans? Pretending to make small talk while the cameras flashed? Gossiping about the other guests' hideous outfits?

The party was in celebration of the Legends of La Cienega Design Walk. It was packed and the AC wasn't on. Margaret wasn't happy. She asked whether it was common for design stores to turn off their air conditioning. Don't worry, I stood up for LA. We love our air conditioning. And I agree with Ms. Russell. Do not host a party and let guests perspire unless they are dancing!

Robert & I trying to stay cool.

Touchups! I didn't remember to take any photos of the beautiful design shop - can't remember the name - they do have gorgeous mirrors and they're down the street from Woodson & Rummerfield.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


I stumbled across your blogsite here...I can tell you're having a blast! I'm going to keep following your blog. I have those pictures from the joint fundraiser with KFI. I'm still blogging on MyFoxLA.

Great pictures here!

"Mr. E" from Cypress.


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