Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stripes Forever

I love a stripe.  I wore one sweater to bits a couple of years ago and I still miss it.  The cotton long-sleeved tee was from the Gap, had light grey and white stripes and was the softest sweater I ever owned.  I lived in that shirt, so it practically became a member of the family.  Naturally, it acquired a nickname.  Stripey was my go-to shirt when I wanted to get cozy.  An unoriginal name and a bit on the crazy side, but hey, I get attached to things.  Robert still gives me a look when I'm checking out something with stripes.

Stripes are big right now and without anchors and rope they are classic and chic.  My inspiration is the outfit at top left.  Black tights and boots are kind of my staple.  I love the big loose shirt tucked into jean shorts.  

Check out the Sonia Rykel dress at top right.   It's chic and comfy, but costs $425.  Move to the dress in the middle of page.  It has a similar square neckline, but only costs $20 at Forever 21.

Click here for info on the rest!

1 comment:

Maggie ☮ said...

<3 stripes too. When worn right, it can be very flattering! :)


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