Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Just One Sip

I first tried a French 75 at The Savoy in London after learning that's where the drink came to fame.  The hotel's American Bar also served up London's first cocktail in 1889.  

On another note, if you haven't tasted brandied cherries, let me assure you they won't remind you of sugary Shirley Temples. Just one sip and I'm transported!

French 75

1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 oz gin
3 brandied cherries for garnish
lemon twist for garnish

- makes 1 drink -   
In an ice-filled pilsner or collins glass, combine the syrup, lemon juice, and gin, and stir to mix.  Fill the glass to the top with champagne and garnish with the cherries and lemon twist.

Source: Unknown!

The hotel was renovated recently for about $200 million.  I'd love to return and pay homage to the hotel's Hollywood history with a decadent outfit inspired by one of my favorite fizzy cocktails.  The Savoy was Marilyn Monroe's favorite place to stay.  There's a suite named after Marlene Dietrich that comes with a dozen pink roses, which she insisted upon for every stay.  It's a magical place.  Gordon Ramsay runs The Savoy Grill and I'm sure he bites his tongue.

Click the photo for the extravagant sources!


WandR HOME said...

Oh I am so coming with. I waltzed through the Savoy a few years ago. But absolutely need to go again. All sounds divine. xoxo

suzannemarques said...

girls' trip!!

The Iconic Blog.com said...

Just added it to my "must stay" list. Thanks!


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