Sunday, January 02, 2011

French Toast Waffles

Doesn't this spidery waffle resemble something out of Star Wars?

Inspired by an episode of Bobby Flay, who presented how to make Peanut Butter French Toast Waffles with Mixed Berry Sauce.

If you have a belgian waffle maker, this is simple to make, but you could make french toast in a skillet too.


Sliced bread.  (I used a regular healthy loaf from Trader Joe's, but a big fluffy loaf of egg bread would be wonderful)
3 eggs
3/4 cup milk
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 tbs cinnamon
non-stick cooking spray, like Pam


Whisk together the wet ingredients, let the bread soak completely for about three minutes, spray your waffle maker or skillet, cook for three minutes on the maker or on each side of a skillet.
Serve how you like.  This morning I sprinkled confectioner's sugar right out of the box because it's raining and I'm sleepy, then poured over syrup.  If you're feeling fancy, the mixed berry sauce from Bobby Flay's recipe sounds delicious.


Fashion Agony said...

No flour, great!

Cafe Observer said...

I have yet to eat good waffles worth anywhere nears their price at a restaurant! Do you have a place you can recommend for waffles??

Erin A. said...

Interesting! I made a great baked Creme Brulee French toast with drunken strawberries this morning and posted it to my blog. Might have to try this next Thanks! :)


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