Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can

The questions I posed for the poster giveaway prompted many moving replies. Thank you so much everyone who participated. These were the questions:

Obama's platform was hope and change. What do you hope for our country? What change would you like to see from our 44th president?"

Here's the winning response:

What I hope for our country is that through Barack's example of leadership with a keen eye on hopefulness, that we can, as a nation begin to work with, have compassion for and truly have an understanding of our neighbors. Through that newfound understanding, I hope we as a people can be able to accept our neighbors for their individuality yet understand that they are really no different than ourselves and give one another the latitude we expect others to give each one of us. Acceptance is a key component to this, and I was saddened in my travels for work when I'd be in middle America and witness firsthand intolerance towards those that appear different and a strong undercurrent of racism that still rears its ugly head. Thankfully, we rose to the occasion and seemingly put our petty differences aside for that election moment to give this wonderful person a chance that he deserves and has earned to try and provide leadership in these very trying times.

The change I'd like to see from our 44th president is along the same lines as my hopes for this country, that Barack can be the agent of tolerance and have the ability to bring EVERYONE to the table that chooses to participate in the governance of our country, listen to and incorporate as much of every ones input as possible and work together to bring this country forward into the future, instead of treading water, or moving backwards as a nation. This will require work, no doubt about it, but the change I believe Barack is after is to empower people by allowing them a space at the table, allowing their voices to be heard, and encouraging people to provide their individual input to help formulate his own opinions and direction for this united country, rather than simply going about it on his own, or the outdated way of doing the business of our country by taking to the proverbial smoke filled back rooms where decisions get made by a select few, often unaccountable to the people.

This is exciting stuff that Barack is speaking about, actually including everyone at the table, my what a noble idea that our leaders should actually listen and take into account the trials and tribulations of the normal, everyday citizen. One great example of how he can bring us together and work towards a bright future is his discussion about infrastructure rebuilding. Many of us have been crying for this to be a main priority to focus on for years to employ our unemployed, rebuild what is falling apart at alarming rates, and focus our nation building efforts right here on our own soil. This empowers people, it provides paychecks that get spent here at home, it makes our roads and bridges safer, it brings many people to the table to work towards solutions, and is therefore indicative of how Barack plans to rebuild our nation, not only with words, but with actions and the support of the people.

So in the end, I think the message of hope and change is right on target and is much more than simple statements or politics as usual. Its the voice of our future, and that future is now, but we all must work together to make this more than just words and turn it into a reality, our reality for a better tomorrow.



Richard said...

Oh Jeremy -- It sounds like you definitely had some of the Obama Kool Aid. Hope and prosperity is not brought to this country by bringing back the Clinton administration and a group of underqualified hoondlums to play the hand of cards called our democracy with a card table full of people who hate us.

Just imagine if George Bush appointed a head to the IRS who hadn't paid taxes in 10 years. That in itself would have overshadowed today's celebration of a man who couldn't even repeat the oath of office without reading it from a tele-prompter.

And yes, building infrastructure is very important, but a massive overall paid for by the government still cost taxpayers money. A lot of money in fact, and I am afraid that history books falsley give Mr. FDR credit he doesn't deserve during the similar types of government organizations created during the first Great Depression. All of his government programs simply put the country further into debt, and it wasn't until WWII that we came out. How did we come out? The people finally went to work in the private sector building military equipment....ending the depression. After the war was over the economy slumped again for a while.

Regardless, I will stop my rant here and suggest this. Obama, McCain, Palin/Biden (who were both insignificant in the scheme of things) never discussed what this country needs to bounce out of the economic dip. The answer is simple, we must renegotiate trade agreements because we cannot compete with labor prices across the world. We have the intolerable unions to deal with here, and even though overseas building of cheaper products means cheaper prices for us.....we can't buy them if we don't have jobs. This country can continue to be a building nation and technological nation at the same time.....Anyway, Suzi Q I don't know who is prettier.......you or Marilyn. Hmmmmmm ! In the end, I wish Obama well, and I hope he truly wants the undefined "change" he so forcely crammed down our throats for two years.

applevenusian said...

Hear hear Jeremy! :)

Jennifer Ramos said...

LOVE your new site..looks very cool.
Who was the photographer?

Jen Ramos

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