Wednesday, January 07, 2009

En Fuego

Long Live So-Cal
Lisa Maione / Make-Out

Guns and Roses
Shepard Fairey

Los Fuegos
Barretto-Co. + Bloom Screen Printing
Come Together (Offset Print)
Josh Higgins / Mike Carnevale
Hope Spreads
Frank Chimero
Firestorm, 2007
Myles McGuinness

I don't normally get that excited about posters, but these are part of the So-Cal Fire Poster Project, which will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Salvation Army, for the 2007 California Wildfire fund. I like Long Live SoCal!
This project is modeled after the Hurricane Poster Project, an effort started for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The project has raised thousands of dollars since its inception.


Donald F. Carter said...

May God Bless the victims of the firestorms and their families. The actions of these charitable individuals allow me to think positive and believe that although we live in a crazy, self-centered world... there remains hope, faith, and humanity. Long Live SO CAL!


Ashley L. said...

VERY cool. Thank you for sharing!


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