Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tiny Bubbles

I'm dreaming of the perfect bath. Isn't it the best to have a good soak in a great bath & primp at a fantastic vanity?
This design below is by Kelly Wearstler and has remained my favorite for several years.

I love all of the storage, the simple subway tiles in an unusual pattern... the carrera marble tiles going down the remainder of the wall. (I love that the look was done a while ago and still looks smart.)

The bath below has too much baby blue for my taste, but I like the mirrors, the tile, storage and cheerful feel of the space.

A beautiful simple bath, but I don't know if I have the luxury of open sinks. Where will I store all of my makeup?!

Again the marble tiles on the wall! But is it too permanent?!

If I didn't need a tub, the shower below would be spectacular.


Richard said...

I just had a hard workout, and a bath sounds wonderful.

Leslie Ann said...

Not to be crass, but I always call those large showers, (the last picture) party showers.

Lots of fun could be had in that shower.

Alya said...

ever since I redecorated my bathroom, I've been enjoying staying in it more and more.. Sometimes I dont want to get out! Haha its crazy, but thats the effect a nice bathroom has on me. Its not as beautiful as those you posted though!

I prefer showers to baths ever since many bath-related accidents happened to family members. But the bigger the shower the better!


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