Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Watch Out

All my possessions for a moment of time. - Elizabeth I

Most people I know rely on their phone instead of a watch (including me), but it's high time we got back into the habit of the traditional timepiece.

These watches fit all of life's occasions.  A watch to fool everyone from afar, a sparkly dressy bracelet with a hidden timepiece, a big white chunky watch for jeans and t-shirt days, a hefty masculine watch when I'm feeling tough, and the Skagen really has an elegant, timeless quality about it.  Pun intended.

From top left (clockwise of course)

Faux Lex from Fred Flare - $30
Bagdley Mishka Crystal Embellished bow watch - $199
Juicy Couture Socialite watch - $97
Michael Kors Oversized PU Chronograph watch - $225
Skagen Square Case Mesh Strap Watch - $115

Of course, if money were no object...


Mari said...

I've always loved watches...but never on me...always on other people. They make my forearm look stubby. If I were to wear a watch, it would have to be in the style of a beaded, or bangle, bracelet...something that isn't "stuck" to one place on my arm...
but thats just me :)
...I do like the sparkly watch though :) ...I like sparkles
...I don't think I've ever sounded more girlie :)
Caught you on the news last night!
VERY professional!! Are you enjoying the new gig?

Lizet said...

for about 2 years when I was taking Travel & Tourism classes, the instructors pounded it into our heads that flight attendants (and really anyone working for an airline) wore a watch and we needed to get (back) in the habit of doing so. Luckily I had just gotten a watch the Christmas before so I set the correct time and started wearing it. Then I got another watch/bracelet set (its pink and fancy looking) and decided I'd like to wear that.

So for 2 years I wore a watch. I graduated, then stopped wearing them. Now I only wear them when I go on job interviews.

suzannemarques said...

thanks mari, loving my new gig! you know i think you'd benefit from an oversized watch that's a bit loose so it's like a bracelet! if it's too thin or tight it's like straps around ankles, makes anyone's legs (in this case arms) look shorter and stumpier

ha lizet. to appear professional! i do the same thing. but i've been wanting a cool watch that is a little outrageous because all of mine are so business-like and conservative!

sisters in black frocks said...

i agree, i have a cartier watch in my mind, but in the mean time i like rumba watches quite a bit!


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