Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faux Real

Working out in the hot sun is wearing me out.  The weather needs to cool off so I can bring out the furs!  Faux of course.


Edward said...

Looks like Simba needs a haircut.

Maybe two...

Mari said...

Haaaahahaha! That's too cute! For us humans only, I'm sure!
I'm wondering if this winter is going to be more cold than usual?!?!? This summer certainly has been!! Up until two weeks ago, I wore a scarf for the first half, of every day - NOT KIDDING.
Today, however, is Gorgeous!
Haven't caught you on the evening news just yet- but I'm sure you are doing a Fab job! I hope you Love it!!

suzannemarques said...

simba is indeed a furry beast! ;)

today was too hot to be walking at noon, i was dying! tune in & enjoy! xoxo

Laguna Beach Prep said...

Scared kitty.

suzannemarques said...

pissed off kitty! :)


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