Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys Recap: Gold Is the New Black

With Christina Hendricks gracing the cover of every entertainment website because of her... ahem... dress, let's start with what we fashionistas really wanna see...the hot leading men!

Sam Tremmell oozes charm. Alexander Skarsgard is smoking hot no matter what he's doing, Don Draper wears a tux better than any man alive (yes, that includes George Clooney) and I have to admit I still prefer Peter Facinelli as a blonde, pale vamp.

Now, to the fashion.

Standing ovation to Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen. Brav to the O.  No one else came close.

The updo is chic with a touch of Bride of Frankenstein that's just killing me. Kristin Bauer's gorgeous lips are begging for character Pam's signature red lipstick.

Couldn't resist.


Now to the dress everyone seems to be hating on today.

January Jones is rocking this Versace like nobody's business.  It's kind of like JLo wearing that "up to there" green Versace at the Grammys, or Bjork wearing that swan dress - it's memorable.  Plus, I happen to love this dress, unlike the other ones.  The asymmetrical bob works for me too.

I could go on all day, but after live-tweeting the entire show yesterday, I'm beat!


O Pechanga said...

Christina Hendricks dress was hideous, no wonder they tried to draw attention away from it with her obvious attributes.

Lea Michelle looked great as did Clare Danes and Sofia Vergara.. and what was Lauren Graham thinking?

suzannemarques said...

Lauren Graham needs to fire someone... I think Sofia Vergara is gorge, but the dress was like a ripe, sparkly banana... Claire Danes looked the best I've seen her... could it be the latisse? ;)

Susan said...

I like that January Jones dress, too - and the attitude as she stands there. I miss the days where the "stars" looked like individuals instead of something the same old stylist churned out. Anna P. looked powerful.

suzannemarques said...

it's true, individuality is so inspiring. remember sharon stone tucking a buttoned-up crisp white blouse into a skirt? cher's crazy headdress? we want eye candy, not mannequins!


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