Monday, August 02, 2010

Pretty In Poppy


This poppy lipstick is so hot, it makes me clutch my pearls.

Details: Wet and Wild 515C lipstick, Forever 21 blouse, shorts I've had for ages, Charles David espadrilles, vintage purse and costume jewelry.


kirstyb said...

loving this look xxxx

suzannemarques said...

thank you kirstyb! it'c comfortable too... i like outfits that are as comfy as PJs :)

Mari said...

LOVE this look!
So...tell me this, lady...
How on Earth do you make all of those scrumptious desserts, and have not a *dimple* on your thigh?!?!?
Yes... I was looking that closely...and no, I'm not a creep-o...I'm just jealous :)
My Moroccan Oil came today!!! I'm SUPER excited to give it a try...It may be a while though... It's usually wash, comb, up, and under a baker's hat for me! But! I can't wait to have a day to feel pretty again, and a nice blow out will help do the trick!!

suzannemarques said...

ha! first of all, i never wear shorts too short, in addition to knowing how to sit without smooshing my leg. oh i have cellulite sister, wish i could say i'm blessed.

tell me how it goes with the moroccan oil!

AlyciAmore said...

I love that blouse!!

jocady said...

wow do you know Maggie Q? she's an actress and you really look a lot like her! so beautiful :)


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