Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vacation. It's What I Want

I need a vacation. I crave a break from blackberries/myspace/twitter/facebook.

(Dana, now I know what you were talking about!)

I'll admit I'd miss my blog the most. Let's get to the point. Don't we all need a vacation with recession worries/swine flu/fill in the blank?!

I must check out. I need to dig my toes in the sand. Soon.

I'd like to sport this Eres bikini...

I'd justify the pricey purchase with this cheap chic cover up from Alloy...

Forget Pina Coladas, I'm craving this...

I had the strangest dream last night. I don't know why I remember it so vividly. I was working an outdoor, nighttime Halloween event to entertain a bunch of kids. I love Halloween & I love to entertain, but this was the night from hell. I was wearing a Mc Gruff costume. Yep, the crime dog. (My friend's dad used to play McGruff, so I get that and I used to be Pluto. Long story.) While I was working, and kept taking off my furry paws to talk to a friend or coworker... doesn't matter. The main point was that a woman in charge kept telling me to stay in character. I'd rush and put on my paws again and get to work and I couldn't keep up. There was always another group of children driving me crazy.

I told you I need a vacation!


If you're laughing, don't worry. I am too.


Anonymous said...

we'll take a vacation soon!

and I love that bikini!!!

Robert :)

ps... i thought i heard a dog barking last night

christina said...

oh my... I remember your Pluto days! And I know it isn't Maui - but we have a road trip about 24 hours away :D


Alya said...

Yummyyy banana split! I want one too!


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