Monday, April 06, 2009

Bright Young Things

Just saw the film, Bright Young Things.
I was dazzled.

It's vapid & decadent and details the lives of friends whose goal in life is having fun. The satire is set in the 20's & 40's. I think I learned something by watching the film, but it's so dizzyingly fast-paced and exciting I can't quite recall what the lesson was.

Okay, I'll be truthful, I do. But it sure is fun getting caught up in the excitement. This film is from 2003 and reminds me of Wes Anderson flicks. The atmosphere and style are intoxicating.

Yes, that is Michael Sheen in the final photo, who portrayed David Frost in Frost/Nixon. He and all of the other actors are stellar.


Shane said...

you mean michael sheen?

Shane said...

btw. highly dig your blog.

Anonymous said...

1 Minor correction - Michael Sheen played David Frost in Frost/Nixon.

suzannemarques said...

oops! i had the face and the films right, i don't know how i messed up michael sheen's name! thanks for the heads up. i fixed it :)



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