Friday, April 24, 2009

Personal Jesus

I had a religious experience last night. I'm not a big concert fan because most concertgoers are too cool for school, standing around and acting bored. I'm the person that wants to dance and clap and sing along, but I don't want to be the only one!

I had plenty of company at Depeche Mode's concert in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard. Dave Gahan was strutting around stage with mic stand in hand, feeding off the energy of the crowd. He's mesmerizing to watch.

They played for about 40 minutes, and the video above was their encore. Robert shot it from where we were standing. (He told me afterward it was hard to keep still during Personal Jesus!)

This song wasn't shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live! For the show, they performed their new single, Wrong, which has an insanely creative and disturbing video you can watch here. Personal Jesus ended the show and that's when the audience went wild. The energy onstage and in the crowd was different from anything I've ever seen at a concert. I want more!

FYI, the good stuff on the video starts around 4:30... :)

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