Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tower Over the Tulips

Many things look better from a distance. Monet paintings, fireworks and yes, me. Ha, ha. Beat you to it.

Tulips are beautiful up close, but check out the photo below.
That's what 60 million tulips look like.

If I had some serious ca$h to blow, I'd hire a helicopter to fly me over these fields in the Netherlands.
These are from last May's Daily Mail.


Slick Rick said...

You're right Suzanne. "Good from far, but far from Good":)

suzannemarques said...

THAT'S the saying! I was trying to remember as I typed the darn post. Oh, and right back atcha Ricky! :)

The Cherry Blog said...

i have never seen anything like this - amazing! x

JoshuaPetker said...

Totally inspiring!!! thanks for posting this!! You make some great finds =)

JoshuaPetker said...

Hey, I just looked at the pic of your living room. Grats!! Is that a Gilbert and George over your fireplace?!?!?!?! I <3 them. Looks amazing

Alice said...

so surprising !!! it looks like textil..


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