Tuesday, April 21, 2009

California Girls

It remains over 100 degrees here in Los Angeles. An icy treat at the beach be so perfect right now. I want an orange otter pop, a push up, an orange juice bar, a big stick, an Icee, a frozen banana, an ice cream sandwich.
These glamazons from the 1960's were shot by Life photographer Loomis Dean. The romantic and dreamlike mood of the photos makes me want to lounge under a big beach umbrella.


Jack Daniel said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

suzannemarques said...

I love when beach shots look hazy. To me, it recreates the feel of the beach...washed out, faded color... steamy afternoons.

Richard said...

Beautiful pics.....over 100 degrees.....wow....it is only 60 something here :)


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