Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jean-Marie Perier

These photos were taken by famed French photographer Jean-Marie Perier. The photo with the candy stripe background grabbed me. I didn't know who the subject was, I just knew she looked like Drew Barrymore set in the 60's. I now know she's Sylvie Vartan.

First Person Access: The World of Jean-Marie Perier, 1956-2008
Reception for the artist, Thursday, April 23, 7 - 9 p.m.
It is Perier's first US show.

When I visited his website, I clicked on his biography. The link led me to a section titled, Words To a Young Photographer. I love someone willing to share unvarnished advice.

Below is an excerpt.

In all artistic profession – it also holds for photography – lies a key factor for success: chance. Being a talented and hard-working man is not enough if fortune doesn’t smile on you. I admit it’s not fair but chance is usually the starting point for successful careers: look at me.

All my life I had the chance to meet people who accepted to be photographed…even if I know they usually did accept because I was representing a famous French magazine.

To finish up with advice: a good photographer has to be spontaneous. If you’re slow, forget about this job. The thing is to know what you really want to do before the shooting. Of course, I’m talking about portraits or fashion pictures not about photojournalism which definitely requires a courage that I don’t have. I admire those people ready to travel to hostile countries to bring back images. I am just good at making a show. I know the art of lying to bring out the truth.


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J'adore these photos of Mick... trés adorable!


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