Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Home, New Traditions

My parents have been renovating for months and recently moved into their new beach house.  Last night we installed new cornice boxes (my husband made!) to set off my mother's gorgeous new drapes.

Don't you love the sweater?  $27 at Forever 21.  So anyway, my mom is just starting to decorate and I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner at her home this year, so I want to bring a color scheme to the table that feels elegant and warm, yet fitting for the beach.

Tip: Never drink wine and drill at the same time.  Not my glass people!

Onto our beautiful decor choices...
Aren't plums, grapes and greenery gorgeous?
This monochromatic table has hints of rusty orange.  Maybe a twist of both?

Photos from Better Homes and Gardens


Mari said...

Wow!! I couldn't have found someone who was more on the same page!!! We, too, just moved near the beach, in SJC, and are also reno-ing. I will be making MY first Thanksgiving dinner here, (or ever!) and I was also JUST thinking of how to incorporate the warm colors of Autumn into my beachy themed home!! :)
I went to Joann's fabrics to get some ideas, but I think my backyard will be my biggest inspiration. I have an amazing persimmon tree, and I will probably use some of those as a center piece...I'm even thinking of dining outside on our patio, if the weather is forgiving. I think it would be so fun to have our dinner outside, amongst the trees in our mini coastal orchard...thats what we like to refer to it as :)
I would love to idea swap, if you have any other thoughts!
Enjoy the season and cherish the time with your friends and family!

suzannemarques said...

persimmons sounds incredibily lovely! i'd have tons of them in bowls or in arrangements with palm fronds or greenery from your backyard as a base. i love taking the rust color into your tabletop with rich browns, white or cream as accents. so beachy!

sisters in black frocks said...

i think you might be the new chic (and thin) ina garten! i love your craftiness

Anonymous said...

I do love your sweater. Love it even more knowing it was $27.


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