Thursday, November 04, 2010

Don't Be Tardy For the Party

I love The Real Housewives of NY and Atlanta.  Then I sat down to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight and I'm now obsessed.  I thought I recognized a face from my Miami Vice bash a couple of years ago.
Look to your left...
Check out who's in my backyard (along with a mess of other familiar faces).
Lisa Vanderpump-Todd!  Here she is wearing a diamond that makes me want to cry, posing with Robert Kovacik.  I love LA.


Lucinda said...

God, where have I been? I thought I was lost coming to your page! It looks great, and Miss VanDer Pump is by far my favorite. I have my extra large Motorola ready for the next Miami Vice bash. Hope all is well with you!

YELENA said...

I love that Show! You look great BTW on the first picture!)


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